Lilli Steinberg is the owner and president of Telecommunication Resources of New York, Inc. (TRI), a utility auditing firm that recovers millions in refunds for companies in the areas of telecommunications, electricity, water, gas, sewage, printing, and paper. Lilli’s 25 plus years of success have been documented on such shows as: Financial News Network (FNN), Cable News Network (CNN), The Attitudes Show, Cable National Broadcasting Company (CNBC), and Channel 2 News. She has also been featured in such publications as People Magazine, USA Today, Crains, Entrepreneurial Woman, and Success Magazine, to name a few. She is also the subject of a book, “How to Cash In On the Phone Companies Biggest Mistake Ever,” by Irving Segal.

To put herself through college, Lilli worked at Western Electric during the day, while going to school at night, for 2 years. She then went on to earn an Undergraduate Degree from Ohio State, and a Master’s Degree from Hunter College. While earning her Masters at night, a chance elevator ride proved very successful when someone told her that she had a “gift for gab,” and convinced her to leave her teaching career to sell telephone equipment at Interconnect Telephone.

As she was quite successful in that endeavor, Lilli realized that once the phone systems went in, the clients’ bills were not being reduced of excess charges. The discovery of the telephone company’s complicated billing procedures, and their overcharging of clients, sparked the idea for TRI. Lilli’s mathematical background, and understanding of the telephone company’s tariffs, allowed her to effect unprecedented refunds and reductions. Her thousands of clients throughout the years have included a number of the nations largest corporations: Chanel, Philip Morris, Niagara Mohawk, US Air, and PriceWaterHouseCoopers, just to name a few. TRI recently recovered over $3.8 million for a client in the healthcare industry.

Lilli is credited with creating the utility auditing industry, giving it credibility and pizzazz. 10 years ago, TRI branched into the areas of electricity, gas, water, and sewage, seeing similar opportunities to save her new and existing clients even more money.

TRI continues to be a leader in the telecommunications and Utility Refunds and Cost-Reductions. Therefore, profit by our experience!